In this uncertain time of Coronavirus COVID-19, we need to work out our stress, fear, anxiety, and worry more than ever. Further Than Fitness is dedicated to continuing to give as many hours of free online fitness training as we possibly can, helping everyone to work out with us, no matter what they do, or where they live.


We also have many clients here in Los Angeles that would like to train with us at our safe, socially-distanced workouts in the North Hollywood park, but are unable to pay for training due to the economic crisis and job layoffs. So, in partnership with our Nonprofit 501-c-3 organization, The Workout Academy, we will be granting as many scholarships as we can to keep everyone working out.

Click below for your tax-deductible donation of any amount you are able to give. We will match every dollar given. Also, please check our Instagram stories @workoutminister for all updates on where your donation is going.




The Workout Academy is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits of fitness to everyone.


Founded by celebrity fitness trainer Simon Carter, the Workout Minister, the owner and head trainer of Further Than Fitness in Los Angeles, The Workout Academy aims to bring free fitness training in-person to all of Los Angeles, and free virtual fitness training to the rest of the world.


Instagram: @workoutminister

Text: 310-427-7066


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